Singtronic UHF-2000 Professional Digital Dual Wireless Rechargeable Microphone Karaoke System Model: 2020 Feedback Control


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Product description:
UHF-2000 (1200CH)
PLL dual channel locked loop design.
1200 frequencies spots with PLL digital lock automatic selection function.
Innovative 200 sets of frequency is convinient to project installation and operation.
Efficient and accurate intelligent-design charger.
High-precision low consumption of electricity circuit.
Humanization of user-friendly operation function.
Counter-interference functional control, specifically designed for Karaoke (multiple channels).
Adjustable wireless reception,enhance functions of receiving signal.
Lockable control function button.
Wireless Handheld
Metal shells,eliminate noises.
Adapt super cardioid frequency response moving pickup .
Desirable frequency response feature,assure sound quality even the audio source deviaties
from the cartridge.
Humanization of detachable design,easy to change pickup with different features.
Adopt exellent shock absorber design,protect from man-made damage or break.
Built-in high-performance lithium batteries which have 10 years useful life.
low consumption of electricity circuit ( A fully charged handheld can use 10 hours
Notification design (LCD backlighting interface flickers as the voltage lower than required) .
1200 frequency memory system design.
Key combinations of 200 frequencies setting.
Lockable control function button(press 3 seconds for locking,then press another 3 seconds
for unlocking).
Adopt fast charging process. Only need 1 hours.
Blue backlighting LCD interface.
Humanization of software programming,clear display interface,include the battery capacity,
frequencies,frequency channel,volume, batteries’s use of time.
Intelligent display of voltage-level detection and batteries’s use of time.
Technical parameter :
UHF-2000 Wireless Receiver
 Carrier Wave Frequency range  710MHZ—865MHz
 Frequency Oscillation Mode  PLL module locked loop design
 Channels  1200CH
 Frequency Responses  50Hz—18KHz
 Working distance  500 feet
 Band Width    24MHz
 Carrier Wave stability     ±5PPm ≤ 10KHz
 Image Interference Ratio     >80dB
 S/N Ratio     >105dB(1KHz-A)
 Sensitivity     -105dBm(12dB S/N AD)
 T.H.D. (1KHz)     < 0.5%@1kHz
 AF Output Impedance  2.2kΩ
 Audio Output Level     -12dB
 Mute  Mute & locked loop circuit
 Display  LCD
 Operations Voltage    lithium battery 1100mA 3.7V
 Output Connector  1 XLR Balanced Socket
 Unbalance TRS6.3mm Socket


UHF-2000 Handheld Wireless Microphone
 Dynamic Range  >110dB
 Stability  ±0.005%
 Frequency Deviation  ±48KHz
 Spurious Emissions  <-60dBc
 Radio Frequency Output Power  10mW
 Power Consumed  ≤100mA @ 3 V
 Battery  lithium battery 1100mA 3.7V
 Display  LCD

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